Please consider a donation as we celebrate the annual tradition of the Las Vegas Red Dress Run presented by the Las Vegas Hash House Harriers. Since 1988, the Hash House Harriers have donned red dresses while running to raise funding for local charities across every corner of the globe.

In Las Vegas, we’ve partnered with SafeNest as our fundraising charity.

SafeNest’s mission is “to be the leading advocate in promoting the eradication of domestic violence by providing confidential assistance including shelter, food, clothing, counseling, education, and other services to individuals experiencing domestic violence while maintaining the highest respect and dignity for our clients.”

The Hash House Harriers are most affectionately known as “a drinking club with a running problem.”  All participants are over the age of 21 and are avid beer drinkers.  We are looking at an attendance of at least 300 participants at this year’s event.

Types of sponsorship we are looking for include:

  • Donated beer for our beer stops along the trail
  • Discounted beer provided through your distributor to our venue location.  We will be paying the venue for the kegs and service and the beer will not be sold individually.
  • Merchandising items to promote your beer and as a keepsake for our participants in quantities of 300

We will list you as an official sponsor on our event website at http://rdr.lasvegashhh.com/ , logo promotion on posters and giveaway, as well as provide reminders of your generosity and encourage patronage to our participants through social media in the months leading up to the event.